The Home Depot says it has fired a Georgia man who faces a murder charge in his son's death in a hot SUV.

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‘Talladega Nights’ actor to make first court appearance Friday

Child actor turned defendant Luke Bigham is scheduled to appear in court Friday. Bigham is accused of pushing his mother down a flight of st…

Appeals court grants new bond hearing for man charged with murder in Cullman Co.

A Cullman County man accused of killing a convicted sex offender will get a second chance at trying to bail out of jail. Jay Maynor is charg…

Sommerville man arrested on child porn charges

Authorities say a Morgan County man accused of posing as a woman online to convince boys to send him explicit photos has been charged with p…

Missing Mount Olive man found safe in Birmingham

Missing Mount Olive man found safe in Birmingham

Email alerted VA leader of schedule concern

A newspaper reports that emails it obtained show the director of the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System learned of concerns about p…

Gunman in delivery man garb kills 4 kids, parents

A gunman dressed as a delivery man forced his way into his sister-in-law's suburban Houston home where he held her children at gunpoint unti…

SC toddler’s parents charged in hot-car death

A South Carolina couple arrested on neglect charges after leaving their kid in a hot car told police that they forgot the toddler was in the…

Law officers seize 10 gambling machines in Clay

Authorities say they've seized 10 electronic gambling machines from a mini-storage business in Clay.

Fire destroys man’s home in Eastern Valley

A man is recovering in the hospital after an early morning house fire destroyed his home in Eastern Valley v3.1.0

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